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Videos & a Happy New Year!

I finally, FINALLY finished editing that video I filmed two weeks ago before my birthday--which was on Dec. 19--so here it is! I've also done a quick-update video for the people on YouTube. For those of you coming on over from YouTube--Follow me!! And for those of you who follow my blog--subscribe to my YouTube! Thanks bunches in advance.

huh...I look a hell of a lot lighter on camera. I guess it's all the lighting I need in order to get a good shot. Oh well.

Anyways, heads up for another update about my adventures being back home, some quick tips, and a review on Maybelline's Liquid Mousse Foundation. I'm not quite sure if the review will be in regular blog form, or if I'll take the Vlog route with a text summary for those who may not want to watch the vid. (: we'll see.

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speaking of twitter...Would you guys prefer following my personal twitter, or me having a twitter specifically about my blogs and vlogs, or both??