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Today is my graduation! Wooo! A little nervous because I feel like I'm gonna forget something! Like part of my clothing, or stuff for Project Grad afterwards. Eep. I'll deal with that later.

Yesterday went to the mall w/ my sister and of course we stopped in Sanrio. Haha I bought a bunch of Kuromi stuff, and I bought my sister a hello kitty necklace. :P The one that's an outline of her head. I don't have a picture of that one though. haha. Did you know they even have a Kuromi belly button ring??

And I cut my hair yesterday! (:

I also got a kuromi compact mirror that's shaped like her head, but I didn't take a picture of that I guess.

I need to conquer the blues.

(: I'm so excited for Graduation & Project Grad. Oh, and I know I'm going to be all emotional when we start singing our class song, and the Alma Mater. And ESPECIALLY when i get my leis. Grad practice was good today, we all actually participated and sounded great. It was a miracle! haha

More hang-out time w/ Aj and I today. Haha like always we played with makeup. I tried to do a blue and purple look but I really don't like how it came out. I usually don't do blues because I feel like if I use too much I'm either going to look like a middle schooler trying to wear make up or like a trannie. haha not quite at either (I hope) but I didn't do it right. :/ eep. help?

I love Aj's bump! haha she didn't do it that big on purpose and thought it looked horrible, but I loved it! haha she looks all classy and whatnot

We both used the blues in the NYX Triple Pallet that includes Baby Blue, October Sky, and Pacific. The purple is also from NYX. It's just called "Purple" I also used purple eyeliner from Urban Decay and Stiletto Lash Mascara. Oh and Blitz and Glitz fluid line from MAC.

I really didn't like the way they came out.

gradation practice

We had graduation practice in the Aloha Stadium today. I think all anyone could say was "it's so hot!" Emphasis and elongated "o"s on the "so" of course. The sun was blaring down on us, and we had to practice getting in alphabetical order in the hot sun. dear god, i'm surprised no one got heat stroke. a few pregnant girls out there too. thank goodness tomorrow's practice is in the Radford cafeteria. In door practice, woo!

Almost 14 more days until I leave these beloved islands and move myself into a desert. Sounds
exciting right?? Haha well, I'm excited so shut up.

I really should have taken pictures during grad practice, but I was too hot and sweaty to even think about it. Maybe I'll bring my Nikon with me tomorrow. That thing hasn't seen daylight in a while. Poor thing. I wonder if I've got any film. Side note: I HATE CRICKETS! I can hear them chirping outside my window and it's driving me nuts!

All in all, today was an alright kinda day. Currently listening to 3OH!3 to tune out the crickets. Grad practice sucked, but showering and watching "Because I said So" at Aj's house afterwards was fun. Thank god I didn't get sunburned. Michael had it bad on his feet.

A little sad because I wanted to talk to Ioane tonight, but he always tires himself out during the day. :/ I end up just asking him if he wants to go to sleep because there's no point in staying on the phone if he's falling asleep anyways. I wish we could visit each other or something this summer, but I guess that's not going to work out.

Last but not least; baby pandas! because they're cute <3

lippystick & mini-golf.

Eep. it's past midnight hurr in the HI, so I guess, Happy Tuesday e'rryone. Excuse my gangster typing. the moment has passed.

So "yesterday" technically, was the Newsbabie's end of the year luncheon. A small fraction of the Newsbabies showed up, but it was a blast anyways. We had lunch at Big City Diner (there's no diner finer than Big City Diner!) and then went...Miniature Golfing!!! My first mini golf game. Will & I scored a 70. haha everyone else got 50s. I also managed to knock the golf ball out of the fence, so Will had to treck outside the golf park to go find it. (Thanks Will!!)

Aside from that, I made a little trip to Sephora (where I ran into my sister, who got home from AZ today! haha) and bought myself two more lipsticks for $12 each. The Wetslicks lipgloss came from longs. (:

I have a feeling that these lip products are going to be my favorite. All of them go on very smooth. The Sephora lip stick goes on a little sheer, which I like, because the color isn't too intense. Also, it feels SO smooth, like really good lib balm or chapstick. Not sticky at all. The wetslicks amazemint makes my lips feel all tingly and fresh. (; minty fresh that is. Sephora lipsticks always seem to be my favorite. huh.

P.S. I still think lips are weird.


Katrina's giveaway!

(: Katrina at is having a giveaway!

isn't it cute??

this is NOT my giveaway, but you can click on the bunny to get to her website and enter!

5 things

Five things that make me smile (:
1. Waking up to bacon. Mmm.

(iPhone pic)

2. Shopping with a good friend.

like Aj! (old pic, but ohh well ^^ we went shopping on Friday & it was fun.)

3. Reading the bombardment of store sale ads in the Sunday paper (don't ask)

(two shirts/tank tops for $14 at Target! haha)

4. How my mom takes things literally, and takes things from the doctor's office.

(this thing was supposed to have some sort of card or paper in it. there were two of these wooden things labeled "please take one" on the table with the magazine, so my mom took it. I didn't know she did until we got into the car. it was great.)

5. The way my Chiweenie, Peanut, likes to sleep in the sun.

be very, very quiet.

Haha, and I found out this morning that the yellow nail polish I bought has a name;
it's called "Smooth Like Butta." Haha. Silly me didn't think to look at the bottom of the
bottle for a name. :P But there ya go.
(: Was supposed to go to the fair today w/ Aj, Willie, and Ariale (the couple also known as Arillie) but Arillie couldn't go, so Aj and I did a girl's day in. We watched Twilight, it's special features, and bloopers from Pirates of the Carribean. And like most girls do when they get bored, we did our makeup! haha we did two different looks before we got hungry and then I had to leave after we ate.

this one was a cream/gold-ish color with a teal.

the next one included pink, purple, and bit of black eyeshadow. (:

Haha I love having days/nights in w/ Aj (: (Oh, by the way, that's Aj! Say hello to Aj!) We have good fun together that includes strange accents. hah! Ooh. And yesterday we went shopping! I bought a bunch of new lipsticks as well as a purple eyeshadow from NYX. (: A purple called "purple" which was used in the look Aj and I did. Bought some new skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe, and two new Nail Polishes from Claire's (: One in a sparkly black and a yellow.

NYX "Kona Coffee"

NYX "Narcicuss"

NYX "Apollo"

Jordana "Rasberry"

My make up for the day. (: it was pretty. but my right eye (the first picture) came out nicer than my left.

indian wood paint pot (mac)
trax eyeshadow (mac)
black (jjordana)

i forget what kinda lipgloss i was wearing.
it was smashbox though
can you tell im a bit burnt?
UGH! I hate hives. ): They keep popping up randomly. They're a big PAIN. I just broke out on my arm again. Still don't know what's causing them though.

Project GRAD carwash, this morning. It was fun, but tiring. Plus, the sun made more hives break out on my shoulders and I had to take my meds again. Went to the pool afterwards to cool down, and had some ice cream. Over-all it was a not bad day, but I felt so cranky. Still do a little.

right after the pool...(we look like middle schoolers. lol)

after we changed and put our faces on (:

): I got hives today'

Sometime during school, I broke out in hives on my back. I thought I just had some sort of weird bug bite. By the time school ended my entire back was covered in itches. At layout, I was going crazy trying to ignore the itching. I had to call my mother to come pick me up because I couldnt take it anymore. I showed her and she took me to the the doctor. By the time the doctor saw me, I had a sweatband of swollen itches around both of my wrists and the itches on my back spread around to my stomach and up to my shoulders, neck and face. This shit sucks.

The doctor FINALLY saw me and gave me pills, told me to take a cold shower, and use cortizone.

I don't even know what caused the breakout. I'm supposedly not allergic to anything. UGH.


Haleiwa town field trip was alright. It was nice to have a day out of school during school. Currently giving my face some attention. I've been neglecting it lately. My poor pores.

I also finished writing out all the senior portraits that i'm going to give away. I sectioned them off into groups too. There's a teachers group and then it goes onto people I have in different periods, and then I have the ones I'm giving away to the dancers when I go see them again at competition.

so attractive right??

the face mask I used. I love the way it makes my face feel afterwards. (:
My room is a huge mess. (especially the parts you can't see!)
all my senior portraits are ready to go.


When I hear field trip, an image of kids all wearing similar t-shirts and complying with the buddy system pops into my mind. I haven't had a field trip in ages. Not counting the Physics competition my Physics (duh) class went to during school earlier this year. Tomorrow my Geography class will be heading to the Historic Haleiwa Town. Ms. McCoy has somehow found a way to relate this to Geography. Woo. Matsumoto's Shave Ice is such a perfect way to teach Geography. Pictures of this epic trip will probably be up later. If there are any worthy pictures that is.

On the other hand...
My neck and back muscles have been hurting a lot lately. i've been getting these sharp pains in my side and chest on and off, my head gets dizzy, and my right thumb feels arthritic. But that might just be me. Of course, I've had all of these symptoms checked out by my doctor before. She gave me answers like growing pains, trapped air, and "you seem fine to me." My mother loves paying the doctor to tell me that there's nothing wrong with me.

I bid you adieu.

Mosquitoes BITE

quick post.

>___< Now that summer is coming around, those mosquitoes have decided to crawl out of their stagnant-water homes, and make their way into my bedroom. They only seem to hang out on my floor of the house. They make sleeping the hardest thing to do. I'm always waking up to slap one away, or itch a bite. ):

these are my new best friends (iphone pic):

even when i kill one, another one takes its place!
damn mosquitoes. haha, i even put dabs of bug repellent on my ears because I HATE hearing them buzz around.

Mothers' Day!

It's mothers' day! And what's funny is that on Mothers' Day, the kids are supposed to treat their mothers to presents and lunches or dinners & what not, but today my mother and I went shopping. I had to go find my Graduation dress. Apparently, no one likes all-white dresses because they're hard as hell to find. Nice ones anyways. I found two dresses I liked at Charlotte Russe. The one I liked more didn't fit me. It was too big, which was weird because it was a size 3 and I'm usually a size 5. Their smallest was 3 thought and it still didn't fit me. Oh well. I also bought 2 pairs of shades today from Forever 21. Haha I couldn't choose which pair I liked best, so I got them both.

So this is the dress I got. (: I like it, but not as much as the other one.
Hmm. this picture's not half bad looking. Good job, iPhone.

which do you like better?? (& excuse the fingerprints! hahaha)

forgot to mention that I got the look from
(: of course, she did it better. hahaha. (P.S. It's not the look from May 7, I searched in her green looks (; )

The gold color was the gold I used for stage makeup back when I danced. haha.
Radiant from Ulta and
Humid from MAC also on the eyes.
Black Jane gel liner,
Stiletto Lash mascara frm Maybelline,
Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer w/ SPF 15
Studio Fix NC43 powder from MAC & finally,
Herades NYX lipstick w/ clear gloss on the lips. :o

Jessi's Casa

Did my nails yesterday while I was at Jessi's house. lol I've been meaning to paint them anyways, with the sephora nail polish that I got for Christmas, but when I saw hers I wanted to use it. (: It's Sephora too, but the thing didn't really have a name on it. It said N°41 on the back, so I'm guessin' that's it. It was a really nice hot pink. Originally I was going to put a coat of glitter nail polish over it (I seem to have a thing for glitter nail polish now. It was glittery purple a few weeks ago) but it looked so nice as just pink that I couldn't. Had dinner at Jessi's house last night'. (: her mother is so sweet. haha. and her little brother is funny. They made chicken alfredo. Which I only get to have if I'm out at a restaurant or something because my mom's filipino and only really cooks filipino food. :P Which is why most of the time I cook dinner for myself. We watched X-Men and Bride Wars (total contrast right?) and then afterwards they sent me on my way with a pint of Ben & Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice cream (: <33

please excuse my mess-ups (: it looks a lot nicer in person too.

my make up last night. like always you can't really see it. but yesterday was the first time I used my MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline. Dunno why, I always used the Jane gel liner. Some neutral colors from Wet N Wild, Coverlook, and NYX on the eyes and Maybelline's Lash Stiletto on zee lashes. I don't think I'm wearing lipgloss in this pic. Must've worn off.


Getting to know you,

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

me sitting in my room, tweaking.
i also really liked my makeup today, but you cant see it because my camera sucks :D

I tag: YOU! Unless you've done it already (:

TAG: Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know You

Q: What made you choose your blog?

A: I was bizzy bizzored

Q: What's your actual name?
A: Mary Antonette Olivas

Q: Do you have any nicknames?
A: My family calls me Mary An, rarely anyone calls me Mary anymore (I don't really like it) and my friends call me Mo (which I prefer.)

Q: Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have?
A: Lots of reading and writing. I want to be a journalist. Hmm. I draw and paint sometimes. I collect anything Giraffe...and I used to dance, but don't anymore. :P

Q: What do you do?
A: I go to school. haha Graduating this year though! (:

Q: What would you like to do?
A: I want to be a journalist. Or a published author. Write for a magazine or something. idk, whatever i can i guess.

Q: Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing?
A: Hahaha my friend Aj and I talk in this drag queen lisp to each other whenever we get excited. "OH MY GOD...THOPPING!" yeah. sometimes i forget i can't do it with other people, and that gets pretty embarassing. lol.

Q: Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you.
A: I am a huge nerd. I still get overly excited over pokemon, my socks never match, i wish i could have a giraffe bedspread, I'm self concious about my gums and forehead, and my greatest fear is having ugly teeth.

Q: What achievement are you most proud of?
A: Being the Editor in Chief of my school's newspaper. It's helped me learn a lot about myself, the kind of person I want to be, and more.

Q: What do you most like about yourself?
A: I have great friends! :D haha

Q: What would you change about yourself if you could?
A: I don't know. I like myself the way I am most of the time. MOST of the time. but I wish my hair would grow! I havent had long hair in years. Litterally.

Q: If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want?
A: Lets see. I would want to be with Ioane (the boyfriend) because we've been doing long distance for a couple of years now. Its pretty frustrating at times. but technically, that would cost money. So idk

put on my face

Im trying to wear makeup only on the weekends so people dont get scared seeing me without it.
hahaaha. because i've witness cases like that before.

but tonight i went to a family party and i liked my makeup :P so here ya go.


I've been searching my room for weeks for the 7 lost pairs of earrings. Wow, am I really that bad?
I want to know where they all went! I lost all but one pair of hoops, my favorite heart shaped earrings, and pearl (not real obviously) earrings. I only have four pairs of earrings left. Two of which I recently bought since I lost the rest. D:

:D thay say "love" in case you can't tell.

& remember earlier, when I said I went to Phoenix? Well, we went shopping. Hahaha

ULTA e/s; "Plum Noir" & "Radiant"

(sorry. i know, bad pic, but i'm hella lazy -__-;)

NYX Lipstick; "Herades"

I really like the color. (: but seriously, I never realized how weird & ugly lips can look. >___<" so gross. hahaha. I bought new nailpolish too and mascara; Lash Stiletto. (: I like it lots, but I'll save that for later I guess. Aww, and I forgot to show the new blush I bought. My mom's right. I do buy too much stuff. haha