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5 things

Five things that make me smile (:
1. Waking up to bacon. Mmm.

(iPhone pic)

2. Shopping with a good friend.

like Aj! (old pic, but ohh well ^^ we went shopping on Friday & it was fun.)

3. Reading the bombardment of store sale ads in the Sunday paper (don't ask)

(two shirts/tank tops for $14 at Target! haha)

4. How my mom takes things literally, and takes things from the doctor's office.

(this thing was supposed to have some sort of card or paper in it. there were two of these wooden things labeled "please take one" on the table with the magazine, so my mom took it. I didn't know she did until we got into the car. it was great.)

5. The way my Chiweenie, Peanut, likes to sleep in the sun.

be very, very quiet.

Haha, and I found out this morning that the yellow nail polish I bought has a name;
it's called "Smooth Like Butta." Haha. Silly me didn't think to look at the bottom of the
bottle for a name. :P But there ya go.