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When I hear field trip, an image of kids all wearing similar t-shirts and complying with the buddy system pops into my mind. I haven't had a field trip in ages. Not counting the Physics competition my Physics (duh) class went to during school earlier this year. Tomorrow my Geography class will be heading to the Historic Haleiwa Town. Ms. McCoy has somehow found a way to relate this to Geography. Woo. Matsumoto's Shave Ice is such a perfect way to teach Geography. Pictures of this epic trip will probably be up later. If there are any worthy pictures that is.

On the other hand...
My neck and back muscles have been hurting a lot lately. i've been getting these sharp pains in my side and chest on and off, my head gets dizzy, and my right thumb feels arthritic. But that might just be me. Of course, I've had all of these symptoms checked out by my doctor before. She gave me answers like growing pains, trapped air, and "you seem fine to me." My mother loves paying the doctor to tell me that there's nothing wrong with me.

I bid you adieu.