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lippystick & mini-golf.

Eep. it's past midnight hurr in the HI, so I guess, Happy Tuesday e'rryone. Excuse my gangster typing. the moment has passed.

So "yesterday" technically, was the Newsbabie's end of the year luncheon. A small fraction of the Newsbabies showed up, but it was a blast anyways. We had lunch at Big City Diner (there's no diner finer than Big City Diner!) and then went...Miniature Golfing!!! My first mini golf game. Will & I scored a 70. haha everyone else got 50s. I also managed to knock the golf ball out of the fence, so Will had to treck outside the golf park to go find it. (Thanks Will!!)

Aside from that, I made a little trip to Sephora (where I ran into my sister, who got home from AZ today! haha) and bought myself two more lipsticks for $12 each. The Wetslicks lipgloss came from longs. (:

I have a feeling that these lip products are going to be my favorite. All of them go on very smooth. The Sephora lip stick goes on a little sheer, which I like, because the color isn't too intense. Also, it feels SO smooth, like really good lib balm or chapstick. Not sticky at all. The wetslicks amazemint makes my lips feel all tingly and fresh. (; minty fresh that is. Sephora lipsticks always seem to be my favorite. huh.

P.S. I still think lips are weird.



mzkrystall said...

thanks for following, girl! ill be following toOO! =] btw, those lippies are amazing! love the swatches!