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Purple Eyes, not so bright??

Not much going on in Arizona. I truly wish summer was over already so I could meet me some new friends here. Sigh sigh. Oh well, for now there's family, art, and make up. LOL
I did another look today, that I think could've turned out better, but oh well. I was just expirementing.

For this look

_NYX "Purple" e/s on lid
_MAC "Trax" e/s also on lid
_Ulta "Plum Noir" e/s on crease/outer-v
_Jordana "Black" e/s outer corners
_NYX glitter cream shadow on inner corners

I think I should've used a lighter purple on the inside.
Perhaps I'll try that next time. (:

Past e/s I've purchased from NYX have usually been very pretty and pigmented, but for some reason "Purple" doesn't go on as bright as I expected it to. I would really love to buy some new colors, but I want to save my money for a bit, for school, books, and furniture when we move on base. sigh sigh. I need a job. But I dont think I'll have the time. haha.

OHH! BTW! I bought some new clothes. The one with the red buttons in the last post is one of them. Perhaps I'll post some pics up later of the clothes haul? yes, no?

Blue Smokey Eyes

Quick update again! My attempt to do a blue smokey eye.
Haha I don't know how successful it was. Let me know, hm?

Lid: Vanilla e/s
Outer-V & Crease: Prussian e/s
Corners: Carbon e/s
Liner: Blacktrack fluidline
Mascara: Plush Lash

I'm not really sure if I like it or not still. Haha. But that night I didn't have time to re-do anything!

Quick Update!

Hey all! (:
Sorry I haven't really been posting anything up lately.
I'm soooooo lazy! All I've been doing is staying home. >_>
haha nothing to do. Pretty soon I'll have a new look up though.
My camera battery is dead right now so that needs to get to charging.

But just for the sake of updating...
As you guys probably already know, the Love That Look collection is out and, of course, I want! haha. I need to save money though for school and stuff. Ugh. On my wishlist though is the Rated "R" e/s. I reaally want it!

Rated R

(: isn't it so pretty? Haha I was looking @ it when we were at the mall today and it looks a lot like Bitter, which I borrow from my sister sometimes (and which i also really like). But Rated R seems to go on smoother and more pigmented than Bitter! So that makes me want it more! haha. Shucks shucks. I couldn't get it though because I bought myself a new leather jacket. (:
I know what you're thinking--It's summer!!! But hey. It'll get cold eventually right?? And plus, I can always wear it if we go to some restaurant i know will be freezing cold.

I promise I'll post pics later! ^_^

Mascara Reviews

Mascara Reviews

Mascara #1;

Okay, lets see. This is my first review, so cut me some slack! haha

Here are the Pros:
-Doesn't clump very much,
-Nice packaging
-Does indeed curl

The Cons:
-Takes two steps (not good for rushing!)
-Not much volumizing here.
-not much length here either (a little, but not much)
-curvy brush
-I already have curly eyelashes, so...???

Let me explain the curvy brush. It was a little harder to handle because I'm used to twisting my mascara wand while applying to prevent clumping. the brush curves in a "u" to mimick the curve of your eye, so twisting it would be weird. I can't say much about the price, because I don't really know how much it is. My sister bought it and never opened it and I needed a new mascara so I thought I'd try it out.

Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5

next Mascara..
Lash blast by maybelline!

-No clumping
-big brush
-natural looking (but great) lashes

-I would like a bit more length.

To be honest, I cant think of many cons.
Not at the moment anyway. I've only been using it
for a week, so if I find any problems about it I'll be sure to update my review.
but for now, I'm a happy clam about this Mascara. It was about 6 or 7 bucks, so it was basically the standard price for a drugstore mascara.

While it does lengthen, I'm just picky and would like extraaa long lashes with volume, but I haven't found a mascara that i've completely fallen in love with yet. this one works for now (:
For now this gets an
Overall Rating of: 5 out of 5

Love for the arts

Hello again. (:

A few days ago I went to Michael's and bought new paint brushes, paints, some canvases, and even an easel! It's a table easel, but can you believe that it was only $4.99?? I mean its just a simple, light, wood canvas that's probably not more than 3 feet high, but it's useful! I even went to Ross to go get something to organize my art supplies in. I left all my old art supplies in HI, but I needed new ones anyways. My brushes were hella effed up. haha.

Anyways! I did my first painting in a few months. I really liked how it turned out. I was gonna do something more realistic, but i was in a cartoon-y mood and I wanted thicker, black lines.

i think my favorite part is her eyelashes. (:
I don't know Kanji, but my sister does. She did the kanji
And the flowers and purple background was inspired by my wallet!
I was gonna do the pink polka dots but....idk. haha. I think I should have.

Well this is a short post for now. I'll have that Mascara review up soon!
There are three Mascaras I have to review! (I've been having trouble finding one I liked. lol)
The three are the Lash Blast, Collagen, and XXL Curl. Probably tomorrow! (:

Bitter, Fondant cake

as promised, here's a post (:

Made another fondant cake--as well as cupcakes!--for one of my sister's sorority friend's again.
(: isn't it pretty?

and for her birthday party we went to this place called ZinBurger.
It was like this really fancy burger place. all they served was burgers,
salads, milkshakes, fries, and wine. haha oh well.

for the dinner, I did bitter and a few different browns that i dont remember.
haha if you really want to know, just ask and i'll get back on that ^_^

sorry about the crappy pics, we were in a rush. i was obviously in the car.

but this is also going to be a quick post. (: hopefully i find something more interesting to blog about soon.

I'm back!

Haha, the boyfriend left two days ago, but i've been really lazy.
Not much to post on makeup, although i would like to do a review
on a new mascara i got recently, that I'm not to sure if I like or not.

So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Hello to my new followers! Thanks so much for following! ^_^
I'll be posting something new soon, I promise!


i've been M.I.A lately because the bf came to visit in AZ. haha
short post to let you guys know i'll be back soon ^_^