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Awards & More!

Haha. So, I feel REALLY stupid, because apparently 5 days ago I was given an award by Danica and didn't even notice it until now! haha. I read through that post of hers too and completely missed the fact that my name was on the list in her blog. LOL

Before passing on this award, you must follow the RULES:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2) Pass the award to other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

But without furthur ado, i'm gonna pass this on to..

But to continue on...
My sister got some fake nails from Revlon for free to try out due to her beauty blog! haha isn't that cool? But she sent several sets of nails so i decided to try a set. They were a little tricky to get on because I've never done my own fake nails before and the glue was SUPER quicky to dry and SUPER STRONG too. haha. I made a mistake on one of my nails BUT it was fairly easy to take off. All I had to do was soak my nail in acetone and it practically dissovled away. (: then i could re-do.

Arent they cool looking? Not bad for my first whack at fake nails.

Also, I got some BumpIts today! I was so excited. haha I like big voluminous hair, and unfortunately I dont have that. I tried it out really quick, and I like it! haha I cant wait to try it out forreal with straightened, and behaving hair. (: take a peek.

I cut the bump off. oops.

And lastly, I've got two looks. If you want any more info on them, just ask!

Black, Grey and White smokey ^

Brown Smokey^

My sister actually did the brown look for me. haha


Got this off of Krystal's blog at Haha I was obviously bored. Ive got some makeup stuff to post later but for now im going to sleep!

1. Things you cannot leave the house without:
My wallet, cell phone, chapstick, and thats about it. haha

2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
I dont really have one. Haha.

3. Favourite flower:
Sunflowers! Because they're so BIG. (:

4. Favourite clothing store:
Ross! lol. A lot of my jeans are from Ross.

5. Favourite perfume:
Hmm. I dont really wear perfume.

6. Heels or Flats:
It depends..I love wearing heels! But I'll only wear them if I know I won't be by far, the tallest person there. lol

7. Do you make good grades:
Eh. I'm average. I make good grades in English though. (:

8. Favourite colours:
Purple and Green. Separately. haha. and blue

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
I used to, but nah.

10. Do you drink juice:
Does Vitamin Water count?? haha

11. Do you like swimming:
I do! I'm not very good at it despite the fact that I was born and raised in Hawaii, but hey. I can hold my own.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
Who eats fries with a fork?

13. Favourite moisturiser:
I dont really have a favorite. haha I use Mary Kay moisturizer because my auntie works for Mary Kay and give it to me for occasions that require presents. lol

14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes. (: My heart is set.

15. Do you get mad easily:
Not usually. But angry people make me angry. haha

16. Are you into ghost hunting:
No. haha I'm too scared. Some things im not afraid of but i'd be hella scared of ghost hunting.

17. Any phobias: Mhhm. I dont like birds. I dont like heights too much but I can deal with that. Hmm. I get freaked out when flying sometimes, but not in a crazy way

18. Do you bite your nails:
Sometimes. if they start peeling off, yes. I bite my cuticles a lot though.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:

20. Do you drink coffee:
Ooh. i hate coffe. But I remember this one time Ioane came down to visit me in HI, and my mom made us go with her to this Deal or No Deal auditions that opened at midnight and Ioane and I left to get some coffee for us. Idk what Ioane got, but it was delicious!!! haha other than that, i actually kinda dont like coffee. xP

pakas, cheetahs, and fotn!

Still coughing up a storm here in Arizona. :\ ugh. when is this sickness gonna end?? I've been sick for about a week and a half already! GRR! It's bad at night, and worse in the morning, but during the day time i'm usually really not too bad. *sigh.

My sister finally gave me my memory card back for my camera! (: So to celebrate, here is a picture of her English Bull Dog, Paka. ^_^

His name is Paka, but they call him Bub, or Bubboy when they're being sweet with him. haha He's has a strange personality. Haha really.

My sister is in a sorority at her school, and today was her "Big's" birthday. So her and her "twin" (haha i'm getting used to all the sorority slang) wanted to bake her a cake. (: I came along to help, and it was pretty fun. Her twin, Leighanne wanted to experiment with some fondant, so we picked some up at Michaels and got to it. Their Big, Rosie, apparently likes cheetah print so guess what kind of cake we made??

The end result..TADA! If I weren't going to be a journalist...I would be a pastry chef. (:
I thinnk I'd love it.

AND. I've got a mini-haul. Went to MAC yesterday and bought a Paint Pot in Painterly and the Mineralized Skin Finish powder in Medium Deep. (:

Medium Deep

Lastly, My make up for the dinner.

I need to lower my flash. it made me look whiter than I really am. lol .
and sorry about the partial blurryness in the first pic. My camera focused in on the lower half o my face. These pictures kinda suck, sorry. haha

-"Painterly" Paint Pot (MAC) as base
-"Radiant" e/s (ULTA) on lid.
-"Humid" e/s (MAC) contour/outer v
-"Nude" e/s (NYX) as highlight
-"Black" e/s (Jordana) corners.
-"Black" Smudge Pot (Stilla) gel liner
-"Black" Lash Stilleto (Maybelline) Mascara

-"NC43" Studio Fix (MAC)
-"Medium Deep" Mineralize Skin Finish (MAC)
-"Orgasmic" blush (NARS)

-Yes To Carrots lip balm
-"Brave New Bronze" Lipstick (MAC) Style Warrior Collection
-Clear Wetslicks lipgloss.

Bright and Early

lol. it's like 6:30 in the morning now (not even 6:30 yet!) and here I am up on the computer.

Haha Webcamming it up w/ Khristine. It's like 3:30 in the morning over there, so Idk what she's doing up but oh well. I could use the company at this hour. LOL
that's her in the top right on her Canon Rebel dslr, and me on my Nikon N75 slr. I REAAAALLLY want to get the Nikon D60 dslr. I found a pretty good deal on Amazon for a D60 Outfit and even a good deal on a fisheye lens for it. GOD I want it so bad. I could get it too..but I'm still debating if I should! haha even though I know im probably gonna get it eventually....
And getting dslr would mean prettier pics....(;

Oh No!

God. Haha I've been neglecting my poor blog! But it's not like I've had much to post about in the past week. Nothing really has been going on. Except that I finally took my placement tests at Pima and will be having my orientation on Monday! (: woo! Other than that, I've been at home all the time doing nothing but coughing and eating. lol.

I've been having this huge urge to go to the mall for some reason, but I know my sister wants to save money so I can't ask her to go 'cuz that'll just entice her to buy things. Then Brian would be mad. lol.
In other (kind of old) news though...I got my Zebra case for my iPhone (finally) when I got down here!

even though my favorite animal are giraffes..yay for zebra case! and look at my crazy, air-dried non-brushed or straightened hair. lol. no make up either.
i've obviously been really bored here.


Still getting settled here in Tucson. I've got a cough though, and right now it's killing me. I want some cough syrup or something because I'm coughing my throat raw and it sucks. I think I'm going to be taking my assesments for Pima tomorrow. It feels weird now that I have to do all this weird things for college! haha.

Going to read My Sister's Keeper again. Now that the movie is coming out, I want to remember what the book was like so that when (or if) I go watch it, I can complain about all the parts they missed, all the things they changed, and all the ways it could've been better. haha. Don't you love books?


Haven't posted in a few days!

To update, I'm currently in Phoenix. We're spending the weekend here before we head down to Tucson. It doesn't really feel like I've moved yet. It kinda just feels like I'm visiting again. lol.

I'll update again soon! (:

Neutral Eyes

I am so easily amused. lol. I logged onto my blogger tonight and found out that I have one more follower. (: How exciting! haha and a little sad too, but whatever. I bet you guys would've been excited in my shoes too.

Not much went on today, I visited my cousin & his adorable daughter but the picture my sister and I have with her is on my sister's camera. She is the cutest thing though. Not even two years old and already in pre-school and speaker SO clearly.

Got a new NYX nail polish that I'm excited to try. It's called "Lime." Bought some other cheapy kinda make up from the drug store tonight too (like a new black. I need one desperately. lol). Nothing big, so I didn't really take pics. When I try the polish I'll post something though.

I know I did brown again the other day, but that one was more of a smoky, night-time brown. This one was a lot lighter. So here is my face:

with clear gloss over it.


MAC's "Painterly" paintpot
MAC's "Ricepaper" e/s on lid
(I totally just forgot which brown I used on the outside corners & I'm too lazy to check so if you really wanna know just ask & I'll get back to you. LOL)
MAC's "Bamboo" e/s as highlight
MAC's "Blitz n Glitz" fluidline (soft black with a tiny hint of sparkle)
Maybelline's "Lash Stiletto" mascara in black

MAC's Studio Fix (NC43)
-----(I obviously don't use a lot on my face)

Ulta Cheek Color in "Fame"

MAC's "Brave New Bronze" from the Style Warrior Collection
Clear Gloss

I'm hitting that point again where I feel like I'm wearing a lot of make up and I don't want to forget what I look like without it on. So don't be surprised if I don't post many make up looks for a couple of days. I really want to try out that nailpolish though. it stood out so much to me. I just had to get it! lol


Sigh, sigh. Four more days until I leave the islands. I'm excited, but I have so much stuff to do still! I havent even started packing yet! Just got off the phone with Ioane (the bf). Haha he sounded so tired. Wish I could see him this summer, but I don't know just yet. Maybe when he gets back from his family's place. Long distance sucks. But we've made it for two years. sigh.

Anyways, tonight was dinner at this restaurant called Pyramids. It was this cute little place where the served egyptian and mediteranean food. Quite delish I must say. There was even a belly dancer who came out and made us dance with her. lol. Sorry guys, no pics of that. Although I wish we had some pics of Willie belly dancing. Not as funny as his regular dancing, but pretty close! If only you guys could see....Ahh, well.

I feel hella vain saying this...but I loved the way I looked tonight! haha. So here is my face of zee night...


MAC's "Painterly" paint pot
MAC's "Amber Lights" (goldish color) e/s on lid
MAC's "Embark" (really dark brown) e/s on crease/outer-v
MAC's "Carbon" (black) e/s on outer corners
MAC's "Blacktrack" fluidline gel liner
NYX's "Milk" (white) jumbo eyeshadow pencil on lower waterline and on inside corners of eye
note: I used an eyeliner brush to put "Milk" on the lower waterline because its realy creamy and thick.
MAC's Plush Lash mascara

MAC's Studio Fix -- NC43

NYX's "Louisiana" lipstick
Whatever clear gloss was in my purse.

I was having a little trouble with my make up today, because as soon as I finished applying all my eye makeup something got stuck in my eye!! I couldn't get it out and ended up crying half my make up off and had to re-do. As I was finishing re-doing the cried off eye, Aj called saying she was outside so I kind of had to rush to finish. Haha. I really loved the lipstick though. Here are a few more pics. I'd have more but the ones I have aren't really that nice. I could only take so many pictures b/c my sister is borrowing my memory card for her vacation. ( :\ she left hers in Arizona).

(; don't we look so grown up. lol!

before we went in for dinner. Mrs. K was on the phone trying to give Ariale & Willie directions.

I wish I had a group pic for you guys, but that one's on everyone else's camera. :P


As promised, I'm back to upload pics of my new NYX Round Lipsticks. Can you believe they were only 99 cents each at Don Quijote?? Which is why I have five of them lol. And my sister also got me Brave New Bronze from MAC's Style Warrior collection. She ordered some Style Warrior stuff from the MAC in Nordstrom @ Ala Moana and they gave her some free samples that included the Trendy Mauve from Lancome that she ended up giving to me. lol. So That's 7 new lipsticks that I've gotten. Woo! Also, while at Ala Moana we stopped by the Sanrio store (okay, so it was more than a stop. We spent over an hour in there! I'm not kidding!) I bought more Kuromi. A key chain, key cap, and earrings! (: I want the necklace! But they didn't have it @ the Ala Moana Sanrio. Junk.

in order: (L-R) Paris, Louisiana, Lala, Stone, & Goddess. Then Mac's Brave New Bronze (obviously) and Trendy Mauve.

i love the cheetah! The box was zebra though. Shouldn't it match??

My Kuromi Earrings! Soon she will be on my ears, around my neck, around my wrist, in my belly, on my finger, and on my keys! bwahaha. (excuse my hairs)

this one looked a lot more purple-ish/brown-ish in the tube and when I was looking in the mirror. But for some reason when I take pictures, it comes out pinker. Oh well.

new lappy top

(: got my new computer today! (Special Edition HP Pavilion--I can't remember which model exactly off the top of my head) It's dark blue with cerulean waves on it. chee.

Anyways, yesterday I bought 5 new round NYX lipsticks. <3 'em all! I've also recently gotten my belly pierced & got a Kuromi ring for it. )": sadly, I have to wait a while until I can put her in. I've got Kuromi heads in my ears and a Kuromi keychain though. (: I'll post soon. Probably later on tonight after I'm done exploring my new computer ^^


haha i know i'm about three days late, but i am officially a high school graduate as of Friday! (: I was very excited to graduate. i couldn't stop smiling. haha I guess I smile when I'm nervous. :P After getting all my leis I went to Project Grad. It was hella fun, but so tiring! Spent the entire night at Hawaiian Waters dancing, going though a jumping castle obstacle course, watching my fellow graduates be hypnotized and riding all the water park rides! (: Oh but I was SO exhausted when I got home. Had to wake up that afternoon though to go to Aj's grad party (which was also fun! :D )

even tiffy came. i used to dance with her.

das ma gurrl

lol. i don't know what i'm doing here. we're weird.

will, ariale, me, aj, and jessi