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haha i know i'm about three days late, but i am officially a high school graduate as of Friday! (: I was very excited to graduate. i couldn't stop smiling. haha I guess I smile when I'm nervous. :P After getting all my leis I went to Project Grad. It was hella fun, but so tiring! Spent the entire night at Hawaiian Waters dancing, going though a jumping castle obstacle course, watching my fellow graduates be hypnotized and riding all the water park rides! (: Oh but I was SO exhausted when I got home. Had to wake up that afternoon though to go to Aj's grad party (which was also fun! :D )

even tiffy came. i used to dance with her.

das ma gurrl

lol. i don't know what i'm doing here. we're weird.

will, ariale, me, aj, and jessi


mzkrystall said...

congrats, graduate!

jasmine said...

congratulations! that's awesome! and you look adorable in your graduation dress! :)

donnarence said...

congrats dear!!yey