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As promised, I'm back to upload pics of my new NYX Round Lipsticks. Can you believe they were only 99 cents each at Don Quijote?? Which is why I have five of them lol. And my sister also got me Brave New Bronze from MAC's Style Warrior collection. She ordered some Style Warrior stuff from the MAC in Nordstrom @ Ala Moana and they gave her some free samples that included the Trendy Mauve from Lancome that she ended up giving to me. lol. So That's 7 new lipsticks that I've gotten. Woo! Also, while at Ala Moana we stopped by the Sanrio store (okay, so it was more than a stop. We spent over an hour in there! I'm not kidding!) I bought more Kuromi. A key chain, key cap, and earrings! (: I want the necklace! But they didn't have it @ the Ala Moana Sanrio. Junk.

in order: (L-R) Paris, Louisiana, Lala, Stone, & Goddess. Then Mac's Brave New Bronze (obviously) and Trendy Mauve.

i love the cheetah! The box was zebra though. Shouldn't it match??

My Kuromi Earrings! Soon she will be on my ears, around my neck, around my wrist, in my belly, on my finger, and on my keys! bwahaha. (excuse my hairs)

this one looked a lot more purple-ish/brown-ish in the tube and when I was looking in the mirror. But for some reason when I take pictures, it comes out pinker. Oh well.


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woww love the swatches! they are all pretty colors!