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Oh No!

God. Haha I've been neglecting my poor blog! But it's not like I've had much to post about in the past week. Nothing really has been going on. Except that I finally took my placement tests at Pima and will be having my orientation on Monday! (: woo! Other than that, I've been at home all the time doing nothing but coughing and eating. lol.

I've been having this huge urge to go to the mall for some reason, but I know my sister wants to save money so I can't ask her to go 'cuz that'll just entice her to buy things. Then Brian would be mad. lol.
In other (kind of old) news though...I got my Zebra case for my iPhone (finally) when I got down here!

even though my favorite animal are giraffes..yay for zebra case! and look at my crazy, air-dried non-brushed or straightened hair. lol. no make up either.
i've obviously been really bored here.