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Quick Eyes

I was playing with all my makeup tonight, so here's what came out. Please excuse my ugly eyebrows. I hate them and all the stray hairs around them that I can't see unless I take very close up pictures like these. eep.

Used: S18 Hotpot from Coastal Scents, Humid from MAC, Nude from NYX and black from Jordana.

These shadows were from two different NYX Trios that didn't have names. But the point of me doing blue, is that I always have a hard time having the blues show up, and contrast each other rather than look like i just put one kind of blue on my eye.

This time, I tried using a dupe of Sharkskin--- A NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil. And It worked! Hooray. (:

Coastal Scents Palette!

Guess what came in today!!!! My Coastal Scents palette and my hot pots! whoop!

Still in the package. I was so excited!!

The palette came with pans. You can see them to the left. Idk what im gonna do with them! haha I kinda didnt need them.

Swatches! In order of how I put them into my palette (:

I've already played with them a little, but nothing nice. So which colors do you guys want to see in a look?!?!

mascara review + eotd

Hello again! (: Just wanted to say hello to all my new followers! Haha I believeI'm only at 15 followers, but hey, I'm getting there.

As promised, here is the review for Loreal's Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara. I purchased the waterproof version.

Pro: I like the large mascara wand that it comes with.
Con: The large mascara wand does not create as much volume as I would like

Pro: It's fairly good at lengthening lashes
Con: Makes lashes look unnatural sometimes

Con: Clumps easily

Product Description: This extra volume mascara by L'oreal which contains Hydra Collagen creates up to 12x more volume with no clumps. Extra volume brush is twice as thick as traditional brushes.
Price: $7.99
Product: 2.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Promise delivery: 2/5
Would I purchase again?: Probably not, No.


MAC's "Painterly" pp as primer
Jordana's "Opal" e/s on lid
MAC's "Trax" e/s mid lid
Ulta's "Plum Noir" e/s on contour/outer-v
Jordana's "Black" e/s outer corner
Jane's "Black" gel liner
Covergirl's Lashblast mascara in black

I know I do a lot of purple looks, but when I get my new palette there will be others! (:

Palette help, and more!

Hello again, lovely ladies. (: I know I have been doing a CRAPPY job at make up blogging, commenting, etc...but I have a feeling soon that will be all over. I have one last mascara to review and i promise that it will be a hell of a lot better of a review than my last post, because that one was done in a tired hurry. (Sorry about that). I'll probably take pictures and whatnot tonight, and hopefully have it posted tomorrow.

Also I've been tracking my palette from Coastal Scents online and my order is estimated to be in on Aug. 11! Eeep! Speaking of palettes, tonight I started looking for a way to take my square-shaped NYX e/s and put them into a palette (that's not entirely ghetto) and I found two ways...just in case you guys were wondering!

Method 1
The Z-Palette (

It is a completely empty palette, no holes or constraining slots. The palette is magentic, so sticking your e/s in seems like a breeze. This thing is $14.00 for the small square palette, and $20.00 for the large rectangle. Free shipping But I can't seem to find the willingness in me to fork out 20 bucks for this thing..

Method 2
Converting MAC palettes.

Be sure to check out this guy on YouTube if you haven't already. He is a massiivee help. (:
Simply remove the slots and voila, free for all palette. (: I think I'm gonna go for this one, but you guys are free to choose. I hope this helped out though!

In other news...Guess what came to my door today???
My Fishy! Well, my 35mm film camera. Very cute, no?

I'm very excited to use it, and even more excited to see how the pictures come out when developed.


An acrylic on acrylic paper b&w painting of my boyfriend, Ioane. (: My first black and white ever. I think it looks a lot like him. Haha. I know I'm not an expert, but if you creative gals ever want tips on painting, I'm at your service!

I know it's not make up, but I'm sure you make up artists can appreciate some other forms of art too, right? (: After all you use brushes for painting too!

eotd, & what's coming soon!

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been following and commenting my blog. (: I know I'm not very exciting but thanks for sticking around guys!

Anyways, I just ordered a 12 palette and 12 hot pots from Coastal Scents so I'm excited to get that! Whenever I do, I'll be sure to post swatches for you guys, and which colors they have been compared to before. I Hope I get it soon!

Most of the time my eye make up sticks to brown or smokey, but I decided to switch it up a little today. Colors usually take a little more time and I'm usually in a rush, so I never really get to do colors. But here it is!

This look consists of...
MAC's Goldmine e/s on the lid
MAC's Aquadisiac e/s on outer-v & contour
Jordana Black e/s on outer corners
and NYX's Nude e/s as highlight

I primed my eyes with
Painterly pp from MAC

just lined, and masacara'd and voila. (: