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Nails, mini haul, fave xmas presents. --UPDATED

Hey everybody, I've been editing my videos little by little, but right now I'm on vacation back home in HI, so I'm lagging...Sorry! But here's a little post for you guys. (:

First, Nails! Yesterday I was at my best friend AJ's house and I did our nails!! I hope you guys like them.

These are AJ's nails. Obviously, zebra print! Zebras are her favorite animals. I was so glad I finally got them down! (: Hallelujah!

Mine are kinda simple. The blue took FOREVER to dry though so some of them are smudged. ): oh well. I still love them and the silver.

I've been searching for a liquid foundation that's right for me, so I picked up these at the drugstore. Tried out the Custom Creations one once, and I don't think I liked it too much, but I'll try it again for a future review. So far I'm liking the Dream Liquid Mousse though!

On to CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! (: These are my top fave 3. All of them are from the boyfriend. He knows me too well.


The Good Eats cookbook! Ahh! I love that show (: Anyone else do too?


Harajuku! The Harajuku perfumes are so cute. I love the packaging (and so does he. He's a graphic designer! lmao) But most of all I love the smell. It reminds me of the beach <33 beach =" Home">


A ring!!! NO WE'RE NOT ENGAGED. (: But I still love the ring he gave me. It's 14k white gold, with a sapphire and four small diamonds. really pretty, and not too flashy. And most of all---it wasn't just some pretty ring he picked out. It was his great-great-grandma's ring. It was my favorite gift.

I got a bunch of other stuff too like money, a kuromi pillow, make up, and some random stuff. Ioane (the boyfriend) even bought me a Coach wristlet! I was surprised. haha he knows I'm not really into expensive or designer stuff (or even bags really! haha) but he said he wanted to spoil me for once. :)



Hey again guys! I just wanted to ask you guys if you had any requests or questions???
(: If you guys do, feel free to comment! I wanna know what kind of looks you guys want to see, if you guys want to start seeing more outfits, if you want more of a peek into my personal life, or if you want to ask me any questions about anything at all! OR if you want to see more vids?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond to this, because I want to know what I can do to make this blog better! ^__^

So far I've got 23 followers, and I just want to give a big THANK YOU TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS! Thanks for all the support. I know 23's not such a big number compared to some gals out there who've got hundreds or thousands of girls following them. But thanks! It's good to know that there are some people out there reading!


Hey everybody! Sorry about the delay in updates! I was supposed to have uploaded more videos but I got behind and stuff and well...It's the holidays! So I've been busy. Especially because I'm currently traveling.

Went to visit the boyfriend and his family in Florida (: and now I'm currently back home at my parents' house in Hawaii. I'll update on beauty-related stuff soon! Thanks for being patient

Quick update once again

Hey everybody, just doing a really quick update!

I've uploaded a new video on youtube (user name, like my blogspot is "pudgeerva").
I know they're not very good and I'm trying to think of ways to improve them, so if you guys have any suggestions, requests etc let me know!

Most Used Products

So that one was horrible. Much better than my last, but I'm slowly improving. (: After all, practice makes perfect.

Anyways, so if you watched the video you can see that I cut my hair!! I'll post some pictures of that and my nails (which I did myself!) below. (: enjoy.

The lime green color is from NYX and the Pink is from China Glaze.
I messed up a little with the clear coat and made the black smudge ):

My new cut! (: Super short. I know. Haha but for those of you who have been following me from the beginning, you guys know that usually my hair is more on the short side. I'm thinking about getting extensions in the future (I found a cheap, supposedly good set of human clip ins on amazon) so that I don't have to worry about my want for long hair when I have short hair. Usually I don't have enough restraint to grow my hair for long as you can tell.

First Video Tutorial!

Hopefully in the future I'll be able to find a way to shoot with better quality. :\ I'm not too pleased with the turnout but oh well. Let me know what you think! is having a giveaway!

The Prizes:
.1. Too Faced - Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette
.2. Dior - DiorShow Mascara Black
.3. Fresh - Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15
.4. Missha - Pure Source Sheet Mask (3 sheets)
All together, almost a 75 dollar value.

To enter you must...

Hauls! :3

SO. Thanksgiving weekend I did just a tad bit of shopping. Nothing crazy. xD and it wasn't for gifts, it was for me. haha. :3 don't worry, i've got what I wanna get people in mind. Anyways, here's what I bought...

cremesheen! I wish they weren't LE. I love the cremesheens. I think they're better than the rest of MAC's lip glosses

i know i posted this last time, but...Yay! CHI! <3

aren't these shoes awesome?? I went back for them 3 times and even put them on hold once without going back for them. The 4th time i went back for them I decided that I needed to have them. ;D (From Charlotte Russe)

Kuromi in the box....

and kuromi blinging like crazy!! :D I LOVE IT (from the NEX)

I even got a kuromi for my luggage XD From sanrio!

idk what i'm gonna use this one for :3

because I dream big. <3

Can you tell I like purple? (F21)


(Charlotte Russe)


(Charlotte Russe)

That's all for now. :3 Im probably gonna be hella bored and un-occupied this weekend so i'm gonna work on doing more looks! yay!


Alright everyone. (: here's the post I promised. This post is going to be dedicated to high school girls all over the web who are in need of a little help for their Winterball prep. (; Off we go!

First of all, everyone knows that skincare is the number one thing when it comes to make up. After all, your face is your canvas, so don't be wrecking it up!

TIP: If you haven't been taking care of your skin, Start NOW! ASAP! That means washing your face and moisturizing of course. You want to make sure your face is as clean and blemish free as it can be for the big night ;D

For those of you who're wondering here is my skin care army. Not a big one, and kind of random but it works for me.

I use this as my daily wash and moisturizer. The moisturizer is super light so I can use it in the morning and not worry about having a greasy feeling face.

This one is for my "bad skin" days. It's an acne fighting was that, as you can see, can be used as both a wash or a mask.

For those sunny days I have SPF 15 moisturizer as well as the SPF 30 below. For the sake of this "Winterball" theme though I'm gonna give you another tip. lower down.

TIP: Try to stay away from anything with SPF in it for Winter Ball night. Especially powders with SPF in it. SPF reflects light and you'll be in-doors in the dark probably taking tons of pictures with flash. SPF + Camera flashes = BAD! Your face will end up looking a whole lot paler than it should look.

Whether you stick to straight or go for wonder waves for the night, if you're using any kind of heated device (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron etc), remember to use your heat protector spray. I don't have a picture of the one I use right now, but I'm sure you can find some on any other make up junkie's blog. (:

The infamous CHI. (: I just got mine this weekend when I went back home for Thanksgiving. And yes, It was only 10 bucks at Costco! Whoo! I'm sure most of you know how to use this. Just put a small amount into your hands, rub, and apply to hair. Simple.

I use this product when I curl my hair. It doesnt make your hair hard, prevents it from frizzing the way curls sometimes do, and helps your hair keep its shape.

TIP: Sometimes when I want more natural looking waves I'll first curl my hair, apply a bit of this stuff, brush it out, then apply some more and shape it. (: Idk if it works for everybody, but it certainly does for me.

Okay, finally, on to the actual MAKE UP!
This is gonna be a Blue Look to match the colors of Snow's Winter Ball dress seeing as she's the one who requested I help her (:

-Start off with a clean and moisturized face, making sure that you give your moisturizer time to dry.
-Use concealer to cover up blemishes, redness, etc.
-Apply your foundation, remembering to steer clear of anything with SPFs for the night.
-Define your brows with brow powder remembering the rule; (3 shades lighter if you have dark hair, 3 shades darker if you have light hair). Set with brow gel.
Now you can start! ;D

Obviously, I used Painterly Paint Pot from MAC. If you don't have anything like this around, find a cream eyeshadow of some sort. This will prevent your make up from coming off or fading so easily.

Of course, make sure you're using the lighter blue. light colors go on the inside with darker colors on the outside. (: For my blue I used Shocking by Taylor Made.

I actually should've gone in more towards the middle with the blue, but you can learn from my mistake. (:

For my dark blue, I used NYX's Blue Pearl e/s.

you can also drag it into the contour and blend it with the dark blue a little.

oops typo! I meant Harsh lines not hars lines.

there should be no harsh lines in your make up. but if you want a brighter light blue on your lid after you're done blending, feel free to apply more.

After this curl your lashes, line with a gel or fluid liner and add mascara! Here's the final look

Heads Up!

Hey everyone, hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! (:

I was lucky enough to spend my weekend back home in Hawaii where I bought a bunch of new stuff, so this is my heads up to you to keep your eyes peeled for a haul post.

Also, I got a request from one of my friends back home to teach her how to do her make up for her winter-ball since I won't be there! Her name is Snow (actually that's her nickname that I gave her) and she just turned 16. It's her jr. year of high school so I figured I'd help her out. Keep your eyes peeled for that too!

Smoky Green & Barely There

(: Hello beautifuls. Finally back for a long-awaited update!
I made a few purchases since the last time I updated (I haven't really felt the need to buy new make up but I think I will soon because I need new eyeliner anyways). So keep your eyes peeld for a mini haul post. hehe. Anyways, I decided to use the new e/s i got in this look as I haven't had the chance to use it yet.

the colors are kinda off because of my camera (sorry, no HD here!) But I hope you guys like it (: It's pretty simple actually. I used the bright green in my e/s palette from claires (it's actually really good, I'm very satisfied)

See, Quite pigmented? (:

ANYWAYS, back to the look.
I used;

__NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate as a PRIMER.
It works like a sharkskin jumbo pencil from MAC. Black base = more pigmented colors on the eye.

__Green e/s in Icing palette above.
Put all over eye-lid up to the crease. (: you girls know how it goes.

__NYX Darkgreen e/s from "lakemoss" trio
Use on crease & outer-v. It's a dark dark green color with glitter. (: Perfect for a smoky green look like this.

__BLACK e/s
Mine is a cheapy black from Longs Drugs. Jordan brand. (: you can use whatever brand you like though.

__Coastal Scents M07 and S27 hot pots as a highlight
Both colors are a light--medium brown that i mix together sometimes.

Then you line, with gel liner and apply mascara. (: easy-peasy.

Now, on to the next look...

This one is much much much easier as you can see. (: It's a barely-there look. I was inspired by toomuchblush and her barely-there look. So this is kinda my play on that.

It's quite easy. To do it just find a e/s thats maybe a few shades darker that your own skin. Prime it with something matte, like Painterly pp from MAC. Then apply the eyeshadow sparingly all over your lid. Line your eyes with barely any liner, and mascara! (: all pau.