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Hauls! :3

SO. Thanksgiving weekend I did just a tad bit of shopping. Nothing crazy. xD and it wasn't for gifts, it was for me. haha. :3 don't worry, i've got what I wanna get people in mind. Anyways, here's what I bought...

cremesheen! I wish they weren't LE. I love the cremesheens. I think they're better than the rest of MAC's lip glosses

i know i posted this last time, but...Yay! CHI! <3

aren't these shoes awesome?? I went back for them 3 times and even put them on hold once without going back for them. The 4th time i went back for them I decided that I needed to have them. ;D (From Charlotte Russe)

Kuromi in the box....

and kuromi blinging like crazy!! :D I LOVE IT (from the NEX)

I even got a kuromi for my luggage XD From sanrio!

idk what i'm gonna use this one for :3

because I dream big. <3

Can you tell I like purple? (F21)


(Charlotte Russe)


(Charlotte Russe)

That's all for now. :3 Im probably gonna be hella bored and un-occupied this weekend so i'm gonna work on doing more looks! yay!


Mz. More said...

I love cremesheens as well but they just run out so quick. Last time I had one, I used it for a week straight and it was done. Then it was sold out! Nice haul :)

check out my blog when you get a chance

Iyah said...

That cremesheen color is just lovely! :) and the heels look sexy!! :) love all the clothes you got too especially the plaid outerwear from F21 :D

LOLanne said...

cute haul :D i looove the charlotte russe peep toes you got! i hate how they dont have a CR where im from :(( im always always at the CR site... sooo many nice shoes, andd super cheap too!


*~kAy~* said...

its nice to spoil yourself like that! <3
love ur kuromi stuff!!!

Kate Gene said...

The bottom of those shoes are so cute!

My sister gave me a Kuromi keychain for my birthday this year. I had never heard of Kuromi before, but love the little gal now!

Great post! :)