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Quick update once again

Hey everybody, just doing a really quick update!

I've uploaded a new video on youtube (user name, like my blogspot is "pudgeerva").
I know they're not very good and I'm trying to think of ways to improve them, so if you guys have any suggestions, requests etc let me know!

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So that one was horrible. Much better than my last, but I'm slowly improving. (: After all, practice makes perfect.

Anyways, so if you watched the video you can see that I cut my hair!! I'll post some pictures of that and my nails (which I did myself!) below. (: enjoy.

The lime green color is from NYX and the Pink is from China Glaze.
I messed up a little with the clear coat and made the black smudge ):

My new cut! (: Super short. I know. Haha but for those of you who have been following me from the beginning, you guys know that usually my hair is more on the short side. I'm thinking about getting extensions in the future (I found a cheap, supposedly good set of human clip ins on amazon) so that I don't have to worry about my want for long hair when I have short hair. Usually I don't have enough restraint to grow my hair for long as you can tell.


Mz. More said...

Love the haircut and your nails look very pretty... great job! :)

audrey said...
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audrey said...

i love your nail art^^

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