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Nails, mini haul, fave xmas presents. --UPDATED

Hey everybody, I've been editing my videos little by little, but right now I'm on vacation back home in HI, so I'm lagging...Sorry! But here's a little post for you guys. (:

First, Nails! Yesterday I was at my best friend AJ's house and I did our nails!! I hope you guys like them.

These are AJ's nails. Obviously, zebra print! Zebras are her favorite animals. I was so glad I finally got them down! (: Hallelujah!

Mine are kinda simple. The blue took FOREVER to dry though so some of them are smudged. ): oh well. I still love them and the silver.

I've been searching for a liquid foundation that's right for me, so I picked up these at the drugstore. Tried out the Custom Creations one once, and I don't think I liked it too much, but I'll try it again for a future review. So far I'm liking the Dream Liquid Mousse though!

On to CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! (: These are my top fave 3. All of them are from the boyfriend. He knows me too well.


The Good Eats cookbook! Ahh! I love that show (: Anyone else do too?


Harajuku! The Harajuku perfumes are so cute. I love the packaging (and so does he. He's a graphic designer! lmao) But most of all I love the smell. It reminds me of the beach <33 beach =" Home">


A ring!!! NO WE'RE NOT ENGAGED. (: But I still love the ring he gave me. It's 14k white gold, with a sapphire and four small diamonds. really pretty, and not too flashy. And most of all---it wasn't just some pretty ring he picked out. It was his great-great-grandma's ring. It was my favorite gift.

I got a bunch of other stuff too like money, a kuromi pillow, make up, and some random stuff. Ioane (the boyfriend) even bought me a Coach wristlet! I was surprised. haha he knows I'm not really into expensive or designer stuff (or even bags really! haha) but he said he wanted to spoil me for once. :)



Hey again guys! I just wanted to ask you guys if you had any requests or questions???
(: If you guys do, feel free to comment! I wanna know what kind of looks you guys want to see, if you guys want to start seeing more outfits, if you want more of a peek into my personal life, or if you want to ask me any questions about anything at all! OR if you want to see more vids?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond to this, because I want to know what I can do to make this blog better! ^__^

So far I've got 23 followers, and I just want to give a big THANK YOU TO ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS! Thanks for all the support. I know 23's not such a big number compared to some gals out there who've got hundreds or thousands of girls following them. But thanks! It's good to know that there are some people out there reading!


Erica said...

aw! the ring is adorable! your boyfriend is so cute :)

*~kAy~* said...

Such nice gifts! <3 Your bf is so sweet :)
and gawsh... that ring is so gorgeous! <3 You must mean so much to him to have that ring passed on to you! <3

n hm... maybe more reviews on your blog please? :P and more outfits? :P I think you got style :)

oh! and I think you can buy the Hello Kitty humidifiers online mostly. I used to see it at the Japanese market before but not this year. Here's a couple if you want to have a look: