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Smoky Green & Barely There

(: Hello beautifuls. Finally back for a long-awaited update!
I made a few purchases since the last time I updated (I haven't really felt the need to buy new make up but I think I will soon because I need new eyeliner anyways). So keep your eyes peeld for a mini haul post. hehe. Anyways, I decided to use the new e/s i got in this look as I haven't had the chance to use it yet.

the colors are kinda off because of my camera (sorry, no HD here!) But I hope you guys like it (: It's pretty simple actually. I used the bright green in my e/s palette from claires (it's actually really good, I'm very satisfied)

See, Quite pigmented? (:

ANYWAYS, back to the look.
I used;

__NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate as a PRIMER.
It works like a sharkskin jumbo pencil from MAC. Black base = more pigmented colors on the eye.

__Green e/s in Icing palette above.
Put all over eye-lid up to the crease. (: you girls know how it goes.

__NYX Darkgreen e/s from "lakemoss" trio
Use on crease & outer-v. It's a dark dark green color with glitter. (: Perfect for a smoky green look like this.

__BLACK e/s
Mine is a cheapy black from Longs Drugs. Jordan brand. (: you can use whatever brand you like though.

__Coastal Scents M07 and S27 hot pots as a highlight
Both colors are a light--medium brown that i mix together sometimes.

Then you line, with gel liner and apply mascara. (: easy-peasy.

Now, on to the next look...

This one is much much much easier as you can see. (: It's a barely-there look. I was inspired by toomuchblush and her barely-there look. So this is kinda my play on that.

It's quite easy. To do it just find a e/s thats maybe a few shades darker that your own skin. Prime it with something matte, like Painterly pp from MAC. Then apply the eyeshadow sparingly all over your lid. Line your eyes with barely any liner, and mascara! (: all pau.

New Layout!

And UGH am I exhausted!
I was planning on doing an update because I had two new looks I tried out for you guys, but I got an hour of sleep last night (technically this morning--I fell asleep at 7:30 and woke up at 8:30) So I am absolutely drained.

Not to worry ladies, I'll be back tomorrow with those updates.
It's just that editing the pictures & all that jazz will take too long,
and quite frankly, I want to go to sleep!

See you all soo,


Shakespeare & Stilettos is having a giveaway!

As the title states, is having her first giveaway! (: Here's a pic of her prize.
It's open internationally & ends on December 9th. (: Be sure to check her out!



(: hello again!

I know this is pretty late, but this is the look i did for halloween. (: i was a mime! And no, sorry, i was not a slutty mime. just a plain old, cute mime. haha.

I got the look from MissChievous on YouTube. My eyebrows look washed out b/c of the white face grease, despite my attempts to fill them in and blacken them up. I'm not gonna go over the tutorial because you can look it up on YouTube. (:

Also, I did a bit of a classy look and I ended up looking like a doll haha. Yes, my bangs were cut for a while. Right now they can be pulled down like that or pushed aside. I think I prefer them pushed aside though. haha.
I might do a thing about hair products or hair later on because i've been paying more attention to my hair lately. But just for the sake of getting into posting, here's the doll look.



Sorry guys! I know I've been MIA for quite some time.
I hit a craaaaaazzzy lazy mode especially when it came to sleeping in and homework for school.
yuck. haha I'M BACK THOUGH! (: Keep your eyes open for updates.