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(: hello again!

I know this is pretty late, but this is the look i did for halloween. (: i was a mime! And no, sorry, i was not a slutty mime. just a plain old, cute mime. haha.

I got the look from MissChievous on YouTube. My eyebrows look washed out b/c of the white face grease, despite my attempts to fill them in and blacken them up. I'm not gonna go over the tutorial because you can look it up on YouTube. (:

Also, I did a bit of a classy look and I ended up looking like a doll haha. Yes, my bangs were cut for a while. Right now they can be pulled down like that or pushed aside. I think I prefer them pushed aside though. haha.
I might do a thing about hair products or hair later on because i've been paying more attention to my hair lately. But just for the sake of getting into posting, here's the doll look.