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Palette help, and more!

Hello again, lovely ladies. (: I know I have been doing a CRAPPY job at make up blogging, commenting, etc...but I have a feeling soon that will be all over. I have one last mascara to review and i promise that it will be a hell of a lot better of a review than my last post, because that one was done in a tired hurry. (Sorry about that). I'll probably take pictures and whatnot tonight, and hopefully have it posted tomorrow.

Also I've been tracking my palette from Coastal Scents online and my order is estimated to be in on Aug. 11! Eeep! Speaking of palettes, tonight I started looking for a way to take my square-shaped NYX e/s and put them into a palette (that's not entirely ghetto) and I found two ways...just in case you guys were wondering!

Method 1
The Z-Palette (

It is a completely empty palette, no holes or constraining slots. The palette is magentic, so sticking your e/s in seems like a breeze. This thing is $14.00 for the small square palette, and $20.00 for the large rectangle. Free shipping But I can't seem to find the willingness in me to fork out 20 bucks for this thing..

Method 2
Converting MAC palettes.

Be sure to check out this guy on YouTube if you haven't already. He is a massiivee help. (:
Simply remove the slots and voila, free for all palette. (: I think I'm gonna go for this one, but you guys are free to choose. I hope this helped out though!

In other news...Guess what came to my door today???
My Fishy! Well, my 35mm film camera. Very cute, no?

I'm very excited to use it, and even more excited to see how the pictures come out when developed.


An acrylic on acrylic paper b&w painting of my boyfriend, Ioane. (: My first black and white ever. I think it looks a lot like him. Haha. I know I'm not an expert, but if you creative gals ever want tips on painting, I'm at your service!

I know it's not make up, but I'm sure you make up artists can appreciate some other forms of art too, right? (: After all you use brushes for painting too!


☆Anastacia☆ said...

Aww! Your camera really looks so cute!

*~kAy~* said...

I can't wait to see your fish-eye pictures! <3
You are so talented :)