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pakas, cheetahs, and fotn!

Still coughing up a storm here in Arizona. :\ ugh. when is this sickness gonna end?? I've been sick for about a week and a half already! GRR! It's bad at night, and worse in the morning, but during the day time i'm usually really not too bad. *sigh.

My sister finally gave me my memory card back for my camera! (: So to celebrate, here is a picture of her English Bull Dog, Paka. ^_^

His name is Paka, but they call him Bub, or Bubboy when they're being sweet with him. haha He's has a strange personality. Haha really.

My sister is in a sorority at her school, and today was her "Big's" birthday. So her and her "twin" (haha i'm getting used to all the sorority slang) wanted to bake her a cake. (: I came along to help, and it was pretty fun. Her twin, Leighanne wanted to experiment with some fondant, so we picked some up at Michaels and got to it. Their Big, Rosie, apparently likes cheetah print so guess what kind of cake we made??

The end result..TADA! If I weren't going to be a journalist...I would be a pastry chef. (:
I thinnk I'd love it.

AND. I've got a mini-haul. Went to MAC yesterday and bought a Paint Pot in Painterly and the Mineralized Skin Finish powder in Medium Deep. (:

Medium Deep

Lastly, My make up for the dinner.

I need to lower my flash. it made me look whiter than I really am. lol .
and sorry about the partial blurryness in the first pic. My camera focused in on the lower half o my face. These pictures kinda suck, sorry. haha

-"Painterly" Paint Pot (MAC) as base
-"Radiant" e/s (ULTA) on lid.
-"Humid" e/s (MAC) contour/outer v
-"Nude" e/s (NYX) as highlight
-"Black" e/s (Jordana) corners.
-"Black" Smudge Pot (Stilla) gel liner
-"Black" Lash Stilleto (Maybelline) Mascara

-"NC43" Studio Fix (MAC)
-"Medium Deep" Mineralize Skin Finish (MAC)
-"Orgasmic" blush (NARS)

-Yes To Carrots lip balm
-"Brave New Bronze" Lipstick (MAC) Style Warrior Collection
-Clear Wetslicks lipgloss.