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Neutral Eyes

I am so easily amused. lol. I logged onto my blogger tonight and found out that I have one more follower. (: How exciting! haha and a little sad too, but whatever. I bet you guys would've been excited in my shoes too.

Not much went on today, I visited my cousin & his adorable daughter but the picture my sister and I have with her is on my sister's camera. She is the cutest thing though. Not even two years old and already in pre-school and speaker SO clearly.

Got a new NYX nail polish that I'm excited to try. It's called "Lime." Bought some other cheapy kinda make up from the drug store tonight too (like a new black. I need one desperately. lol). Nothing big, so I didn't really take pics. When I try the polish I'll post something though.

I know I did brown again the other day, but that one was more of a smoky, night-time brown. This one was a lot lighter. So here is my face:

with clear gloss over it.


MAC's "Painterly" paintpot
MAC's "Ricepaper" e/s on lid
(I totally just forgot which brown I used on the outside corners & I'm too lazy to check so if you really wanna know just ask & I'll get back to you. LOL)
MAC's "Bamboo" e/s as highlight
MAC's "Blitz n Glitz" fluidline (soft black with a tiny hint of sparkle)
Maybelline's "Lash Stiletto" mascara in black

MAC's Studio Fix (NC43)
-----(I obviously don't use a lot on my face)

Ulta Cheek Color in "Fame"

MAC's "Brave New Bronze" from the Style Warrior Collection
Clear Gloss

I'm hitting that point again where I feel like I'm wearing a lot of make up and I don't want to forget what I look like without it on. So don't be surprised if I don't post many make up looks for a couple of days. I really want to try out that nailpolish though. it stood out so much to me. I just had to get it! lol


donnarence said...

nice neutral look.. :D

mzkrystall said...

love your lip color =D