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Bitter, Fondant cake

as promised, here's a post (:

Made another fondant cake--as well as cupcakes!--for one of my sister's sorority friend's again.
(: isn't it pretty?

and for her birthday party we went to this place called ZinBurger.
It was like this really fancy burger place. all they served was burgers,
salads, milkshakes, fries, and wine. haha oh well.

for the dinner, I did bitter and a few different browns that i dont remember.
haha if you really want to know, just ask and i'll get back on that ^_^

sorry about the crappy pics, we were in a rush. i was obviously in the car.

but this is also going to be a quick post. (: hopefully i find something more interesting to blog about soon.


Amanda said...

Omg that looks soo yummy =) and I love the eyes

twinsouls888 said...

Wow a fellow Filipina, I'm definitely following you ^_^.I'm loving the cakes so yummy. Ingatz :)

sheri amor said...

cute!!!! one of my weaknesses is cooking XD and baking.. and ur sugoii