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Quick Update!

Hey all! (:
Sorry I haven't really been posting anything up lately.
I'm soooooo lazy! All I've been doing is staying home. >_>
haha nothing to do. Pretty soon I'll have a new look up though.
My camera battery is dead right now so that needs to get to charging.

But just for the sake of updating...
As you guys probably already know, the Love That Look collection is out and, of course, I want! haha. I need to save money though for school and stuff. Ugh. On my wishlist though is the Rated "R" e/s. I reaally want it!

Rated R

(: isn't it so pretty? Haha I was looking @ it when we were at the mall today and it looks a lot like Bitter, which I borrow from my sister sometimes (and which i also really like). But Rated R seems to go on smoother and more pigmented than Bitter! So that makes me want it more! haha. Shucks shucks. I couldn't get it though because I bought myself a new leather jacket. (:
I know what you're thinking--It's summer!!! But hey. It'll get cold eventually right?? And plus, I can always wear it if we go to some restaurant i know will be freezing cold.

I promise I'll post pics later! ^_^