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I need to conquer the blues.

(: I'm so excited for Graduation & Project Grad. Oh, and I know I'm going to be all emotional when we start singing our class song, and the Alma Mater. And ESPECIALLY when i get my leis. Grad practice was good today, we all actually participated and sounded great. It was a miracle! haha

More hang-out time w/ Aj and I today. Haha like always we played with makeup. I tried to do a blue and purple look but I really don't like how it came out. I usually don't do blues because I feel like if I use too much I'm either going to look like a middle schooler trying to wear make up or like a trannie. haha not quite at either (I hope) but I didn't do it right. :/ eep. help?

I love Aj's bump! haha she didn't do it that big on purpose and thought it looked horrible, but I loved it! haha she looks all classy and whatnot

We both used the blues in the NYX Triple Pallet that includes Baby Blue, October Sky, and Pacific. The purple is also from NYX. It's just called "Purple" I also used purple eyeliner from Urban Decay and Stiletto Lash Mascara. Oh and Blitz and Glitz fluid line from MAC.

I really didn't like the way they came out.


quakquak said...

you're coming from Hawaii, how cool is that :)