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Jessi's Casa

Did my nails yesterday while I was at Jessi's house. lol I've been meaning to paint them anyways, with the sephora nail polish that I got for Christmas, but when I saw hers I wanted to use it. (: It's Sephora too, but the thing didn't really have a name on it. It said N°41 on the back, so I'm guessin' that's it. It was a really nice hot pink. Originally I was going to put a coat of glitter nail polish over it (I seem to have a thing for glitter nail polish now. It was glittery purple a few weeks ago) but it looked so nice as just pink that I couldn't. Had dinner at Jessi's house last night'. (: her mother is so sweet. haha. and her little brother is funny. They made chicken alfredo. Which I only get to have if I'm out at a restaurant or something because my mom's filipino and only really cooks filipino food. :P Which is why most of the time I cook dinner for myself. We watched X-Men and Bride Wars (total contrast right?) and then afterwards they sent me on my way with a pint of Ben & Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice cream (: <33

please excuse my mess-ups (: it looks a lot nicer in person too.

my make up last night. like always you can't really see it. but yesterday was the first time I used my MAC Blitz & Glitz Fluidline. Dunno why, I always used the Jane gel liner. Some neutral colors from Wet N Wild, Coverlook, and NYX on the eyes and Maybelline's Lash Stiletto on zee lashes. I don't think I'm wearing lipgloss in this pic. Must've worn off.