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gradation practice

We had graduation practice in the Aloha Stadium today. I think all anyone could say was "it's so hot!" Emphasis and elongated "o"s on the "so" of course. The sun was blaring down on us, and we had to practice getting in alphabetical order in the hot sun. dear god, i'm surprised no one got heat stroke. a few pregnant girls out there too. thank goodness tomorrow's practice is in the Radford cafeteria. In door practice, woo!

Almost 14 more days until I leave these beloved islands and move myself into a desert. Sounds
exciting right?? Haha well, I'm excited so shut up.

I really should have taken pictures during grad practice, but I was too hot and sweaty to even think about it. Maybe I'll bring my Nikon with me tomorrow. That thing hasn't seen daylight in a while. Poor thing. I wonder if I've got any film. Side note: I HATE CRICKETS! I can hear them chirping outside my window and it's driving me nuts!

All in all, today was an alright kinda day. Currently listening to 3OH!3 to tune out the crickets. Grad practice sucked, but showering and watching "Because I said So" at Aj's house afterwards was fun. Thank god I didn't get sunburned. Michael had it bad on his feet.

A little sad because I wanted to talk to Ioane tonight, but he always tires himself out during the day. :/ I end up just asking him if he wants to go to sleep because there's no point in staying on the phone if he's falling asleep anyways. I wish we could visit each other or something this summer, but I guess that's not going to work out.

Last but not least; baby pandas! because they're cute <3


A "cheery" disposition said...

omg that picture of the panada are soooo cute!