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I've been searching my room for weeks for the 7 lost pairs of earrings. Wow, am I really that bad?
I want to know where they all went! I lost all but one pair of hoops, my favorite heart shaped earrings, and pearl (not real obviously) earrings. I only have four pairs of earrings left. Two of which I recently bought since I lost the rest. D:

:D thay say "love" in case you can't tell.

& remember earlier, when I said I went to Phoenix? Well, we went shopping. Hahaha

ULTA e/s; "Plum Noir" & "Radiant"

(sorry. i know, bad pic, but i'm hella lazy -__-;)

NYX Lipstick; "Herades"

I really like the color. (: but seriously, I never realized how weird & ugly lips can look. >___<" so gross. hahaha. I bought new nailpolish too and mascara; Lash Stiletto. (: I like it lots, but I'll save that for later I guess. Aww, and I forgot to show the new blush I bought. My mom's right. I do buy too much stuff. haha