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Mothers' Day!

It's mothers' day! And what's funny is that on Mothers' Day, the kids are supposed to treat their mothers to presents and lunches or dinners & what not, but today my mother and I went shopping. I had to go find my Graduation dress. Apparently, no one likes all-white dresses because they're hard as hell to find. Nice ones anyways. I found two dresses I liked at Charlotte Russe. The one I liked more didn't fit me. It was too big, which was weird because it was a size 3 and I'm usually a size 5. Their smallest was 3 thought and it still didn't fit me. Oh well. I also bought 2 pairs of shades today from Forever 21. Haha I couldn't choose which pair I liked best, so I got them both.

So this is the dress I got. (: I like it, but not as much as the other one.
Hmm. this picture's not half bad looking. Good job, iPhone.

which do you like better?? (& excuse the fingerprints! hahaha)

forgot to mention that I got the look from
(: of course, she did it better. hahaha. (P.S. It's not the look from May 7, I searched in her green looks (; )

The gold color was the gold I used for stage makeup back when I danced. haha.
Radiant from Ulta and
Humid from MAC also on the eyes.
Black Jane gel liner,
Stiletto Lash mascara frm Maybelline,
Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer w/ SPF 15
Studio Fix NC43 powder from MAC & finally,
Herades NYX lipstick w/ clear gloss on the lips. :o